Arron Hammer with Llano Guad

Arrons friend Ben.

Not all the trip was fun.

Arron's friend Cory with his first red on a fly.

Other guy in Fence Lake photos is Cory. Cory with redfish is his first red on the fly. Also the redfish where the float is in his teeth has a story.: Were were paddling through Lighthouse lakes back towards the launch point when we spotted a popping cork in the water. As I got close to pick it up it started moving slowly then disappeared and took off under water. It was attached to a fairly large redfish. We chased it around for about 10 minutes up a mangrove creek. Eventually I was able to corral the fish in towards my friend Cory who was able to hook the line right under the bobber with a jig on his spinning rod. We got the bobber off and let the fish go.