JUNE 2006

We all floated both days, the first above the state park, the second below.
Size 6 and 8 clousers in chartreuse and white, brown and white or black and
white were great for bigger bass and sunfish, with smaller top waters
(small frog patterns, Miss Prissy) great for large numbers of fish. Aaron
Hammer, Harry Crofton and myself, believe we caught perhaps 150 - 200 fish
each for the trip - it was unbelievable. Species caught, largemouth bass,
guadalupe bass, sunfish, rio grande perch and spotted gar. Gear wise, 3-5
wt rods and sit on top kayaks perfect for the application. The river was
clear and there were loads of fish.

Of note:
Aaron Hammer scoring a 18.5" largemouth bass on a tiny miss prissy popper
that ran 25-30 yards across the river.
Mike Siegman's rescue of a stranded goat.
Harry Crofton's continual whooping and hollering for every fish he caught.
Mike's hooking and beaching of a 3-1/2" - 4ft spotted gar on a 3wt fly rod.
Bob Orr's slowest pontoon boat in the world.

TFF fishes the Llano River Aaron Hammer and Bob Orr
Azza with 18.5" Bass Azza with Guadalupe Bass
Azza with Largemouth Bass Bob Orr with Pontoon - SLOWLY down the river!
Clouser caught Guadalupe Bass Fly caught Guadalupe Bass
Guadalupe Bass #3 Harry in for support!
Mike Siegman with Rio Grande Perch Mike to the Goat Rescue!!
Unknown Perch #1 Unknown Perch #2
Mike hooked up to 4 foot spotted gar Azza with Rio Grande Perch
Llano Largemouth Bass  
  End of the day
  Dave L. loading up