Christmas Bay, TX

November 2006

Photo's of Bill Frick and myself fishing at Christmas Bay today. We launched at Earnie Too's. Bill went towards the right and I paddled along the shore to the left. we were trying to sight fish but hadn't seen any action. I saw some very small dimples on the surface and decided to try a cast as I have never cast a spoon on a flyrod before.  Well as I started to strip the fish hit almost immediately this is my first salt water fish on a flyrod.  It was 25 inches long and weighted 5.8 lbs. it was the only fish caught today but we spent over 6 hours having a great time paddling along the sore and just enjoying the place. Many thanks to Bill for coming with me and helping this "novice salt water flyfisher".... Tom


Christmas Bay

Tom Perkins with nice Redfish

Bill Frick