Colorado South Platte River - Dream Stream - Cheeseman Canyon

October, 2013: Arrived at the Charlie Meyer/ Dream Stream to be greeted by severally reduced water flow. Did manage to catch Kokonee salmon, a few brown and rainbow trout and very few cuthrout trout.

Tried our luck in the 11-Miles Canyon only to find more reduced water flow and extremely spooky fish.

Next, was the Deckers area for combat fishing due to the low water condition in other areas of the South Platte river. We did manage to catch a few fish near the end of the day.

Last day, hiked into the famous beautiful Cheeseman Canyon where we were dwarfed amid the huge boulders/structure in the stream...the river did give up a few brown trout but only when fishing very, very small nymphs. The HMG Buckskin was my ticket.

This canyon holds 50-years of memories for me. If I could choose my last day fishing, it would be in Cheeseman Canyon!


Morning sunrise (unedited photo) from the deck of our rented Dream Stream Lodge

Released Kokonee Salmon regaining strength after a valiant fight

Beautiful Cutthrout caught on a HMG BWO nymph

The beauty in the 11-Mile Canyon

Dwarfed amid the boulders in the Cheeseman Canyon

A Cheeseman Canyon brown displaying fall spawning colors.

A hook is said the Cheeseman Canyon has the most technical fishing of anywhere in the United States

Another Cheeseman Canyon brown fooled by a size 20, HMG Buckskin nymph.