Sunfish Spectactuler



Ray Russ:I caught a 10,1/8" as witnessed by Mike Arnold ,will make a CD .I ended up catching over 36 or 38 fish ( Mike and Matt wittness many of the catches ) ya"ll left way too early as it was an afternoon bite (Mike took several pics of some of my big fish ,including the one over ten inches.

Mike Arnold says it was a TIE between Croftin-Remies-Russ for 'gil size. This picture is from Ray Russ. With most Bream and Bass caught by Mark Mormin and Longest Bass caught by Bob Powel. Most Bream over 9" caught by Ray Russ.

Don Hanselman reports: Here is my catch of day on Damon 7 Lakes… I caught 15 bass and red ear perch.. The larger bass were caught on a 2.5” Deer Hair can see it hanging out of their mouths. I lost one about six lbs, When it took the fly, my leader snapped... my fault, I should have changed it at lunch and didn’t. Shame on me….

Don Puckett sends these pictures:

Ron Romeis did well and here are his photos of the bream and bass he caught at Damon on Saturday…

Various other pictures sent for your enjoyment.…