Club Tournament Winners

Guad One Fly Winners

2012 Dennis Auger
2011 Outing Canceled
2010 Matt Blyth
2009 Alex Balcque

Sunfish Spectacular Winners

2011 Martin Weir
2010 Terry McCafferty
2009 Martin Weir
2008 Dave Steffek
2007 Chris Reyes
2006 Ralph Havis
2005 Mike Siegman
2004 Gerard Alan Witte
2003 Clark Thornton
2002 Rob Nelm
2001 Rob Nelm
2000 T. Lyons
1999 John Beck
1998 Bill Waldron
1997 ?
1996 Richard Dean
1995 Richard Dean
1994 M.R. Thomas
1993 Beth Tichich
1992 Lee Pinion
1991 Ron Poppe
1990 Albert Richter
1989 Tianne Breitenfeldt
1988 Corey Rich
1987 Tony Woods
1986 John Scarborough
1985 Mark Hollier & Dave Hayward

Redfish Rodeo

~ Longest Slam: Matt Fulwiler - 52 inches (24" redfish, 14" Speckled Trout & 14" Flounder) – Fly Fisher at Large
~ Longest Speckled Trout: Chris Sumers - 21 1/2 inches – Texas FlyFishers
~ Longest Redfish: John Carpenter - 28 Inches – Texas FlyFishers
~ Longest Slam - Doug Slick- The Alamo Fly Fishers
~ Longest Redfish - Capt. Mike Cook - The Rockport Fly Fishers
~ Longest Speckled Trout - Terry Deeds - The Rockport Fly Fishers
~ And, added in 2009, the Club Team Championship - The Alamo Fly Fishers

~ Longest Slam - Todd Fleming - The Alamo Fly Fishers
~ Longest Redfish - Capt. Mike Cook - The Rockport Fly Fishers
~ Longest Speckled Trout - Todd Fleming - The Alamo Fly Fishers

Port O'Connor One Fly

2011 Ray Russ
2010 Mike Graham
2009 Martin Weir
2008 Mike Graham
2007 Postponed
2006 Mike Graham
2005 Scott Fossum
2004 Mike Eberhard
2003 Norbert Burch
2002 Scott Fossum
2001 Mike Eberhard
2000 Jerry Loring
1999 Norbert Burch

The club sponsors a number of friendly competitions during the year. Here is the background to a couple of the competitions:

Redfish Rodeo Legend

Our President at work

The Inaugural Redfish Rodeo was the brain child of twelve local fly fishers. It was held in 1986 in Port O'Connor, Texas. The prize was only for the longest redfish, but it is understood that there might have been a side bet or two. Being catch and release, there had to be some honesty check and that's what brought about the two person team concept. The partners were not true partners. Each fished to win the prize and could not help the other. The next year it was held in Rockport.

In 1988, the Gulf Coast Conservation Association started a fly fishing tournament in Port O'Connor. Since all twelve founders of the Redfish Rodeo were GCCA members, they opted to drop their tournament and support the GCCA. All the GCCA tournaments were held in Port O'Connor, which continued until 1995. In 1995, the Texas Fly Fishers ran the tournament for GCCA, using their name. The next year GCCA informed TFF they could not use the GCCA name, but could use it as a benefactor.

So in beginning in 1996, the Texas Fly Fishers renamed the tournament after the original Redfish Rodeo. The event is moved back and forth between Port O'Connor and Rockport. Our format is simple. Charge enough to cover the meals, rent, and door prizes, and hold a raffle to generate a donation to the CCA. Our primary purpose is to educate the public about catch and release.

Sunfish Spectacular

The Weighmaster and Friend

In April of 2009 the Sunfish Spectacular was renamed the John Scarborough Sunfish Spectacular to recognise John's efforts to make the Spectacular one of the clubs most attended fishing events. John took the opportunity to provide some background to the event. This is what he said:

The Sunfish Spectacular was copied from the Austin Angler's Perch Off. The Perch Off was the brainchild of Robert McCurdy, owner of the Austin Angler, and as many will remember he was a tough cookie. He won the first annual Perch Off and any others that he wanted to win. He wouldn't allow anyone in the room when he weighed the fish and didn't mind fishing right through an area that others were working. In 1985 John decided that the Texas FlyFishers should have a similar opportunity for lots of gamesmanship and maybe,or better still, a little plain old cheating.

John ran the event for the club for many years and tried a number of things to make it more sporting. One year he decided not to announce the location. You had to ask someone who knew where it was going to be held. As John was the only one that knew, a few of the more clever club members actually asked him and the word got around. A few "slow witted" members never asked and complained that they were denied an opportunity to compete that year.

One year John announced that as bass were sunfish participants should make sure they had the right kind of files for catching bass. A surprising number of members took the bait and showed up with bass flies only. Of course, in keeping with the spirit of the gamesmanship, John announced on the day of the event that bass would not be considered legal entries. Members weren't very happy with John for the switch at the last minute but really gave him a hard time when he announced that, once again, he was the winner.

According to John there was only one call for his removal as Weighmaster. That came when John declared the Sunfish Spectacular officially over about two hours early to protect his grandson Bobby's lead. John Beck who caught a larger fish 3 minutes after the contrived end never forgave John.

John's coaching for future weighmasters was that a great weighmaster who is not happy with the outcome of the event can add some intellectual questions as a condition of winning. One good question that John posed for future weighmaster use was "who tied the first Rat Faced McDougal fly".

Texas Fly Fishers

Texas FlyFishers Annual Awards

Capt. Chris Phillips Saltwater Angler of the Year* - Est. 2008

2010 - Mike Graham
2009 - Jerry Loring
2008 - Capt. Chris Phillips
*The trophy was renamed in February, 2010 and dedicated to the memory of Capt. Chris Phillips, Club President 1981-1982

Fish Whisperer - Est. 2009

2010 - Martin Weir
2009 - Don "Puck" Puckett

Presidents Award - Est. 2009

2014 Adam Dominguez
2010 - Orvis of Houston
2009 - Mike Arnold