David Lemke, CCI - Casting Chair

Texas Flyfishers offers group casting lessons several times during the year. My goal as casting chairman is to provide beginning, intermediate and advance casting education to the members of the club, to attract new members to the club with a high quality casting program and provide community service as it applies to the promotion of fly casting, fly fishing and natural resources conservation.

My interest in fishing has its roots when I was boy fishing for sunfish on the end of my grandmotherís pier at her lake house in northern Wisconsin. Life brought me to Texas in the late 70ís, where I settled in working as a geophysicist in the energy industry. I was introduced to fishing in the bays on the Texas coast by a transplant from Colorado and I have been moderately obsessed with fishing ever since.

I developed an interest in fly fishing about seven years ago, but got seriously started after attending a fly fishing school sponsored by The Fly Shop in Redding, California. My casting skills improved quite a bit, but not until a couple of years later did I develop an interest in fly casting instruction. A Lake Texoma guide, Grady Cashin, pointed me to Bill Gammel, a FFF Casting Board of Governors instructor, to really improve my casting skills and ultimately to pursuing the FFF Casting Certification. I joined the Texas Fly Fishers in 2003 shortly after I was introduced to Troy Miller. I have helped Troy for past few years with club casting classes and he provided a lot of assistance in my preparation for the CCI certification exam. I passed the exam at the 2007 Gulf Coast Conclave along with fellow TFF member Harry Crofton.

I recently put together and have started to implement a very comprehensive casting program for beginner and intermediate casters.

I love fishing for bass in Texas lakes and streams and every summer I fish for trout in the many streams of Pecos Wilderness in northern New Mexico.

If you have questions about the Texas Flyfishers casting program contact me at 713-502-1809 or dlemke@sbcglobal.net

David on the Brazos
Devils River Smallmouth

Certified Casting Instructor