Russel Cowart - Texas FlyFishers Raffle Chair

I am the Raffle chairman for the Texas FlyFishers. I purchase fly fishing related items to be raffled off during the Texas FlyFishers monthly meeting. I sell tickets for the raffle before the start of each meeting. We conduct the raffle just prior to our guest speaker of the evening.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas and did strictly conventional fishing periodically over the years. I moved to Houston Texas in 1996 and I began fishing more often. In 2005 I read an article in the Houston Chronicle about the Texas FlyFishers. I joined the Texas FlyFishers in 2005 and took the fly tying courses and the fly fishing instruction courses that the club offered. I now try and fish at least 2-3 times a month. Thanks to a lot of advice and support from other club members, I have improved a lot in the sport of fly fishing. I plan to keep fly fishing long after I retire.