East Texas Hatch Schedule Plus Aquatic Foods

Date Species Artificial Fly & Size Recommended Fish to catch
Jan.-Feb. Crayfish w/eggs ready to spawn Whitlock's Crayfish 1/0-8 Bass/brown Trout
Feb. Fire Ants (winged) (1st warm day) Black Ant 12-16 Catfish
Mar. Mayfly (Baetis) (sunny afternoon) Adams, Blue Winged Olive 12 Bream/Bass/Trout
  Bees McGinty, Bumble McDougal 12 (no retrieve) Bream/Bass/Trout
  Small toothpick or meadow hopper Joe's Hopper 12-14 Bass/Bream
  Very small white crayfish Whitish Nymph Bass/Bream
  Leeches Woolly Bugger, Marabou Leech, Rabbit Leech 10 Bass/Bream
Jun. Golden Mayfly (Hexagenia) Rat Faced McDougal 8, Dark Hendrickson, March Brown 10-14 Bass/Bream
Early Summer
  Red Shiner (N. Lutrensis) Marabou Muddler 2"-3", 6-10 long w/ blood red fins & tail.
(Most creeks & ponds can represent 50% of Texas baitfish - fish weedy areas)
  Western Cicada (Hemiptera) (spent female after laying eggs) Natural & Black Hairbug 2 Bass love u'm
  Predatory Lacewings & Ladybugs in willows (spent females) (Hemiptera) (spent female after laying eggs) Natural & Black Hairbug 2 Bream/Bass/Trout
  Carpenter Ants (winged) Ant pattern 12 (fish on windy days) Bream/Bass/Trout
  Katydid Southern Angular-winged Chartruse hair bug imitation (fish under braches) Bream/Bass/Trout
  Beetle Carrion (slow flying) Softhackle fly, Black Foam Beetle 8-14 Bream/Bass/Trout
  Spent Acorn Weevils & windborn spiders Softhackle fly, Black Foam Beetle 8-14, Foam Spider Bream/Bass/Trout
  Frog larval phase Tadpolly, Dave's Tadpole Bream/Bass/Trout
Aug. Catapla Sphinx Moth worm Woolly Worm (slow sinking), Catalpa Worm 6 Bream/Trout
All Summer
  Grasshopper drab colored large Dave's Hopper 6-10 Bream/Bass/Trout
  Moths & Butterflies (Lepidoptera) Woolly Worm 6-8 (sparse hackle) Bream/Bass/Trout
  Moths & Butterflies (Lepidoptera) Grinnel Fly 2 Bass (most effective)
  Mud-dauber wasp Mud Dauber McDougal 8 (good searching pattern) Bass
  Baby turtle Hairbug (short tail & no hackle) Bluegill/Redear
  Damselfly SS Damsel 10-12 Bream/Bass/Trout
  Dragonflies & Damselflies (Odonata) Fair Damsel & Dragon 6-10 Bass/Large Bream
  Bait fish & juvenile sunfish Marabou Muddler 8 (various colors), Flathead Diver 8-10 Bass/Large Bream
Late Summer
  Hickory worms Wolly Worm 8-10 Bass/Large Bream
  Webworms & caterpillars Fall Webworm 12, Walnut Caterpillar Bass/Large Bream
Oct. Mature hoppers Henry's Fork Hopper 8-14 Bass/Large Bream
1st cool front Hugh bright lubbers Big hopper patterns Bass/Large Bream
Dec. Mice Hairy Mouse Slider 10 Bass

Many thanks to Gordon Bryson of The Texas Fly Report for finding this and The Pineywoods Fly Fishers in Lufkin for putting this together.