7th Annual Creekside Hunting & Fishing Show

May 19 - May 20, 2012
Creekside Christian Fellowship
Needville, Texas


For the second year TFF and Damon’s Seven Lakes have manned a booth and presented fly tying to the public. This year John Staigerwald, Matt and Mike Arnold (TF Members) and Dan Schovajsa, and Michael Escobar (7L Members) ran the tables to present this art.

Gentleman Dan is new to tying and worked out well tying Pucks Spider. I think he has got it down. His personality was appreciated by all

Michael Escobar is young, has a lot of talent, and produced his Purple Streamer, Pete’s Gurgle Pop Poppers, and others. The youth loved his approach and teaching. He left the table and they followed him out where he caught fish with his flies. He also left the table to view the events present at the show. He met with Byron Ferguson and Tom Knapp, and Shot at one of the five shooting stations. I think the only thing he missed out on was the helicopter ride. It is a pleasure to see youth willing to help out, as Michael did, and donate their time for this worthy event

John’s pleasant manner and talents rounded out my rough edges. John is one fast and good tier. He put out a lot of flies and a lot of humor. We all had a great weekend and learned more about ourselves and others. Matt and I filled in where we were needed, tied a few BBB’s, Sam’s One Bugs, Pete’s Gurgle Pop Poppers, Puck’s Spiders and a few others. This event is great for the public and there is no cost for entry or parking. Hope to be part of the show next year. Bring the kids for a truly fun day.

Michael J. Arnold Manager - Damon’s Seven Lakes






Michael with Byron Ferguson

Michael with Tom Knapp 2

Michael with Tom Knapp

Gentelman Dan