Club Fresh Water Outing at Damon Seven Lakes


Dial this number for FISH ON

Hi Mike,

I wanted thank you very much for the outing at your place yesterday. As always, I had a tremendous time. The food was great. The weather was perfect. And, best of all, the fishing outstanding! You are truly a first class host.

I've sent you a couple of pictures of the fish Don and I caught. Don caught his at Dove I think. I really can't remember which lake mine was caught on.

Don and I both thought we caught a few more fish at the Sunfish Spectacular in the spring. However, we both caught enough yesterday that we lost count. We both agreed that we caught way more nice quality bass yesterday. In the spring, we were catching more lunker sized panfish.

Like last spring, Don and I were the last ones to leave your place. Let me assure you, everybody else left way too soon!

At about sunset, the big bass in your lake closest to your barn and the road (sorry, I'm not sure of the lake's name) started feeding like crazy! Up until then, we were both using using wet flies and taking a panfish here and there. At about the time I took a picture of the sunset, the bass in that lake started hitting bugs on the top and they were jumping like acrobats! We both tied on floating spiders and started getting strikes on nearly every cast. In about 15 or 20 minutes, we probably landed 5 or 6 nice bass. The smallest was probably a pound or so. The largest was probably around 4 lbs.

We both would have stayed there longer if our eyes were twenty years younger. The last bass I caught was taken in almost no light. We were simply fishing by sound and feel the last 15 minutes or so. But, we were having a ball!

Thanks again for everything Mike. See you at next month's TFF meeting.

Dave Unger

More pictures from DSL

Mike signs up members for the raffle as they arrive.

Buddie -- guard dog





Puck and a nice DSL bass





Linda Powell caught her first bass on a fly rod that she won in the raffle. Bob, her husband, gave her a few lessons. After we put the rod reel and line together. She went out and did the job. She is jazzed. So is Bob. We have another fly fisher.

Linda caught more than 1 fish on that new rod

Early morning

Even at lunch these guys talk fishing

Harry Crofton and Mike Arnold discuss fishing while Buddie listens in

Jerry Brown show every body the flys he's not using to catch fish

Russ Cowart

The Close of a Find Day of Fishing

Nice Damon Demon

Sometimes you go fishing just for the early morning calm and serenity

There must have been a dozen fisherman fished that little channel that day and they all caught fish

Puck, What is that orange thingy in that basses mouth? No yellow spider.JPG

Wait........ There it is again.JPG