On the Green River in Flaming Gorge Utah

Here are some pictures of a recent trip to the Green River in Flaming Gorge, Utah. Chris Lyndrup and myself, Mike Smith (beard) had four glorious days of floating all three sections of this clear river. Chis is also holding up a big bow off a Madison River trip he took.

Section A is in the canyons below the dam, section B was opening up a bit but still in canyons, and section C opened up to wide and long stretches.

John from the Trout Creek Flyshop in Dutch Utah and our guide Doug Roberts were the best.

Riffle Water Brown taken on a brown Chernobyl Ant called Fat Albert

Dry Fly Fishing in the Red Canyons of Flaming Gorge, Utah

Morning sunrise creeping thru the Ponderosas on another promising new day of the Green River

High Desert Valley and sparkling green pools marked this day for Chris using a PMD.

Cicada bugs clicking in the bushes told Mike to hit the bank seams for a fat brown nosing in the ripples

The fast moving water of a Madison River "Bow"