Harry Crofton test for and receives accreditation as a FFF Certified Casting Instructor. Dave Lemke was also certified but is not in these pictures because he was the photographer. This took place at the Federation of Fly Fishers Conclave in Lake Charles in May of 2007.

Another question is asked. Harry checks to see if his shoe?laces are tied

Harry is very serious about the beautifully set up roll cast. Look at that D-loop.

Bill demonstrates how to cast a whopper. This was number two. The first one was much nicer. Davids slow reaction missed it

Bill discusses casting in the wind

Bill Gammel explains something profound. Harry listens

David explaining something to testers Jay Clark and Tom Trippi

Harry answers Bill's question

Harry demonstrates and explains rod loading

Harry explains a little more about loading



Harry strips some line and readys for another question

Now that's a nice roll cast! And on the grass no less!

The test begins with a tightened sphincter and a backcast