South Llano River - 2012


Thirteen TFFers sat down to dinner at Izaak’s Friday night. A lot of joking, planning, fly selection and general ribbing went on at that table. “All you can eat” fish was actually “more than you can eat.” Twelve of us met up at the Liver Saturday morning. Curtis Thomas, the owner of South Llano River Canoes, and Kayaks, was there to greet us and get us going. A quick shuttle and we were all on the river long before 0800. A nice leisurely paddle downstream, since the water was up slightly from last year, made the fishing more enjoyable. Before the TFFers had gone the first mile we already had a broken rod. A few miles further down we had our first swimmer. Towards the ¾ way mark we had a kayak with a major hole in it. A little bit of “MacGyver” and he was back on the water.The traffic on the river picked up towards the afternoon making fishing a challenge at times. Your backcast had to be clear at all times. I have no idea how many fish were caught. “A lot” is my best guess. A lesson I learned on this trip is to make sure to get past that first ½ of the float trip, no matter how good the water looks, because you will be forced to pass up even “fishier” water later. “Puck” Don C. Puckett Freshwater Chair Texas FlyFishers .

Are we ready to go yet

Are we ready to go yet, yes

At the livery getttin everything ready

Bear spotting the fish from above for Jude and Stacy

Rene hooked up

Rene looking for that perfect spot

Rene standing in the river with a bluff in the background

Scott fishing the shoreline

Scott sees a likely spot

Stacked up on the river

Stacy, Jude, John, Rene, finishing the one portage

Sunrise while waiting at the livery

The river

Another pair give up the ghost, and they were ONLY 4 years old

Another pair of favorite footwear bit the dust

Bear guiding from above

Bear is rally trying to help these guys catch fish


Cruising through flatwater

Did John hook his pants, or a fish

Did Kelly find the honey hole

How many more can we get on there, Rene, Stacy, Ed, John, Shelby and Jude,

Is this another drop in front of us

John casting

John hooked a monster

John hooked up ------- sorta

John is working on his presentation

John's Rio Grand Perch, about to be set free

John's Rio Grand Perch

John's sucessful casting

Jude is moving to another spot

Jude Scott, Rene, and Stacy at the portage

Kellyh, Stacy, John, Scott, and Jude, the water was deeper than Stacy expected

Kelly's fine casting form, see the line dance

Kelly, Stacy, John, Scott, and Jude, the water was deeper than Stacy, swimmer, expected



Rene having some casting practice

Rene hooked up, again

Rene in a spring-fed backwater

Scot passing by a fishy spot

Scott and Jude seem to like this spot, and won't leave

Scott has a monster

Scott is BUFFed

Scott working a weed bed

Stacked up, again

The boys playing on the river

The rock bluff in the background

This is the old road that we had to Portage 1

This is the old road that we had to Portage on the downstream side

This is the old road that we had to Portage, upstream

Too tired to fish

Who is this with the red legs

Photography by Rene.

Bear enjoying the ride

Don easing along

Don showing us how it is done

Don taking a break

Jude Sharp taking a break

One of many bass caught on this fly

Rene' enjoying the fast water

Shelby Carpenter enjoying the ride

Stacy mastering the cast

Stacy Myers first fish on a fly rod

Stacys first Kayak ride

Talking things over