Mansfield Madness July 2004

High pressure on the Texas coast let us go off shore 3 days in a row at the Port Mansfield jetties. Twenty to thirty hookups each day on fish including Kings, Bonito, Spanish Mackrel, and Jack Crevalle. We also had some great sight casting to reds along the Mansfield Cut. We broke 3 rods, lost one entire rig, used 30 yards of wire, and around 50 files. What a great trip!

Maverick in Laguna 5", Gulf Sunrise, Birds on bait1, Birds on bait2, Rick Hartmans boat hooked up, Cruz Lamas King1, Cruz Lamas King2, Cruz Lamas King3, Cruz Lamas broken rod, Norbert Burch King1, Norbert Burch King2, Norbert Burch Bonito1, Norbert Burch Bonito2, Joe Deforke King1, Joe Deforke King2, Mark Lucas Spanish Mackrel1, Mark Lucas Spanish Mackrel2, Mark Lucas King, Mark Lucas Bonito1, Mark Lucas Bonito2, Cruz Lamas Bonito, Cruz Lamas Jack, Cruz Lamas surrender1, Cruz Lamas throwing in the towel.