Texas FlyFishers at Bridgeland

Bob Logan text & photography

Nature Fest 2010 The annual event is called Nature Fest which is sponsored by Bridgeland. This is a master planned community in Cypress, off Fry Road (very close to 290). This is a new community that is in many ways similar to The Woodlands, with its many trails and stocked fish ponds throughout the community. This place has under 1200 residents I last heard, but has rooms for over 20,000!

Nature Fest 2010 Nature Fest on was Saturday, Sept 25th, from 10 am to 6 pm. There several dozens booths of various vendors, civic groups and clubs, including us at TFF. They got us a corner booth next to an open field so we could perform fly casting demos.

Nature Fest 2010 I set up a 70 foot piece of bright yellow yard and did about a half dozen casting demos to potential new comers to fly fishing. It was just too hot and muggy to stay out much. In the booth, you will see photos where I tied several dozen Closer minnows, mostly for the kids. Interestingly enough, tying a fly is one of the few things that a youngster will stand the patience for (especially if you tie a Clouser).

We also have a number of active fly fishers in Bridgeland already, including our own, Bret Walker (see the photo) who came by to see me.

Nature Fest 2010 I have been doing the fly casting instruction for Bridgeland for about a year now. Elizabeth Hart, the activities director there has done a good job of promoting the lessons within the community. The mini-lakes or ponds around the community are stocked with Largemouth Bass, White and Black Crappie, Catfish, Gar, Grass and German Carp and some big Bowfin!

Nature Fest 2010 They had a large crowd that day, despite the heat, and they ran a very active shuttle bus back and forth to the fair site to better manage the parking situation. There were many activities for the kids, including face painting, craft demos, etc. Pizza, Burger, BBQ and those "must have" snow cones were offered. In all, we had an opportunity to let several dozen folks know about TFF and few have taken my business card to get details about coming a meeting. Looking forward to doing it again, (just would prefer to have done it after the "cool front" arrived instead of the day before!)