May 2009 Salt Water Outing

Port OConner Jetties


a 26 lb Jack Crevalle

a Boat Dock

a Jack Crevalle

a rest after a day of fishing

a TFF Condos on the beach

a TFF Jetty Boat Dock

Camp Activities before the evening bite

Gary Evans and his Jetties Red 2

Gary Evans and his Jetties Red

Hammered Kingfish

Liesure Time Fossum

Look at that set of teeth

Relaxing on the beach

Scott and a nice Kingfish

Scott and another Bonito

Scott and another Bonito with its mouth closed

Scott and his Bonito

Breakfast of Champions

Look how this baby runs

Making Landfall

Our 5 star accomodations

Scott Fossum reports the non-photographed catches:

  1. Est 7,000 granite rock on a blue deciever
  2. 46 inch long cordgrass on a clouser (on the backcast)
  3. 2 gram mosquito found impaled on popper hook
  4. 700 lb blue marlin on a #8 clouser
  5. 2,500 great white shark on a wooly bugger
  6. Hiself on an errant fly cast