South Llano River

June 2011

Report by Donald Puckett
Eleven members of TFF made it for the Saturday fishing/float trip down the South Llano River. Four of them came all the way from Anahuac.

Six of us fished the state park, by wading, as soon as we got there Friday. The water was slightly lower than I remember it from last year.

Eight of us stayed at the local motels. Three stayed at the state park. One intrepid soul drove in just for the day.

For the float trip we met up just outside the gates of the State park at 0700, Saturday, as planned and made our way to the livery, South Llano River Canoes and Kayaks, exactly one mile away. The plan was to launch from KC150 and float back down to the livery. Once we got there we did the shuffle of “Who is riding with whom?” and “Where can I load this kayak?”

Even with this dance we had the first group on the water at KC150 by 0730. Curtis T. ,of South Llano River Canoes and Kayaks, then shuttled our vehicles back to the end point, 8 miles downstream of KC150.

Fish were caught from the very first. Rio Grande Perch, largemouth bass, Guadalupe bass, yellow sunfish, bluegill, and spotted gar were all hooked. The bite wasn’t as aggressive as last year, but the fish are there. Perhaps having no rain has something to do with the feeding, along with the low water levels.

Flies used were yellow spiders, grasshoppers, S1Bs, squirrellies, and black hare-e (gil-gitter). I’m sure somebody used a “Miss Prissy”.

The designated end time was sundown. We kept to the GPS track, and it made the fishing leisurely as we made our way downstream. The last group got off the water at 1915, giving us plenty of time for dinner at the local eatery.

The TFF members that stayed for the Sunday trip met up at the local Mexican restaurant to swap stories Saturday night.

On Sunday eight of us started at the second crossing and floated downstream to the first. Two of us started at the first crossing and floated to KC150. We launched at 0800, and the last of us were off the water by 1300. For the crossing to crossing float, it is only 2 miles, so we did a lot more fishing than paddling. Again a lot of fish were caught, all using the same flies.

There were at least 4 cameras on the trip, so we have pictures coming in.

Tolls of the river: NO broken rods, 1 swimmer, a snake bite, a lost set of hemostats (later found), and a lost wallet (later found).

Photography by Randy Wead


Another jewel in hand, colors ablaze.JPG

Fish on.JPG

Jewels, not trophies.JPG

John and Shelbey C. in the fast water with an audience.JPG

Jordan S. taking the first fast water at KC150.JPG

Jude S. and Puck waiting on the photographer .JPG

Jude S. casting to the shadows.JPG

Jude S. with another .JPG

Jude S. with one of the first fish of hte day.JPG


Puck intent on a bite.JPG

Rene D. and Jordan S. exchanging ideas.JPG

Rene D. and Jordan S. sharing the water.JPG

Rene taking the first fast water at KC150.JPG

Rio Grande Perch coming to hand.JPG

Rio Grande Perch coming towards camera.JPG

Rio Grande Perch HOOKED.JPG

Rio Grande Perch in hand.JPG

Shelby and John C. along with Rene and Puck lined up.JPG

Small but hungry.JPG

Small fish, big attitude.JPG

South Llano RIver State Park entrance.JPG

Dub fishing the current.JPG

Dub H. crusing by.JPG

Dub H. just coming though rough water.JPG

Jordan S. agressively wading.JPG

Jordan S. breezing through the rough stuff.JPG

Jordan S. slipping by.JPG

Rene D. about to come through a littel fast water.JPG

Rene D. casting to shadows.JPG

Rene D. coming out of fast water.JPG

Rene D. enjoying the ride through.JPG

Rene D. wading deep to reach that perfect spot.JPG

The portage, taken from downstream.JPG

We found some fish in this stretch.JPG

Father and daughter sharing the moment.JPG

Here fishy, fishy, fishy.JPG

He was hungry.JPG

John and Shelby hitting a prime spot.JPG

Jordan S. coming into the fast water.JPG

Jordan S. coming trhough the fast water, cooly.JPG

Jordan showing his catch.JPG

Jordan S. with fish inb hand.JPG

Jude with his INFLATABLE kayak.JPG

Puck casting to the shoreline - Copy.JPG

Puck casting to the shoreline.JPG

Puck cruising by - Copy.JPG

Puck cruising by.JPG

Puck enjoying the ride through - Copy.JPG

Puck enjoying the ride through .JPG

Puck going into fast water - Copy.JPG

Puck going into fast water.JPG

Randy W. about to hit the fast water.JPG

Rene D. with a blug behind him.JPG

Rio Grande Perch in RW's hand.JPG

Wead about to hit the fast water.JPG

Wead cruising through some fast water.JPG

Photography by Shelby and John Carpenter








The only fish Aaron caught the entire trip.

Photography by Mike Siegman


Gearing up start of day 1.JPG

Hammer casting.JPG

Hammer casting towards the bank.JPG

Hammer & Harry lunch break.JPG

Harry with Rio Grande Perch.JPG

Llano flies.JPG

Llano vista.JPG

The Hammer.JPG

Photography by Rene Delatte


Gage DeLatte's first fish with a flyrod

Gage is getting the hang of flyfishing

Gage with another one

A Yellow Spider doing his job

Don showing us how it is done

Don taking a break

Jude and Randy is into it

Jude with a Rio Grand

Nice Rio Grand




Randy is hooked up

Rene's first catch of the day

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