This years auction was a rousing success. A bunch of us gathered up the donations from around the city's drop off places and carried it over to Jerry's house Friday night. There we numbered each item and wrote a bid sheet. Ate some of Jerry's excellent BBQ. Good friendship. Sacked everything up and got ready for the big day. What follows is the Big Day. Hope you were here to help us have a good time.

Sign up as you walk in

Signing up

Musing over a live auction piece

Nice gams there.

Part of the crowd

More crowd

And more crowd

Good conversation goes around

The gym is not really this dark

John and Tom talk


Time to eat

Ed eats

Getting the items ready to auction

Bev tells about his donation

What we were eating for lunch HMMmmmmmm Good

Our auctioneer

Wonder what was said???????

Mike talks about the years membership to 7 lakes

Cory Rich

Sam Caldwells donation

Jerry show a fly plate

More of Sams stuff

Joe DeFork always makes of of these hats

Checking out the silent auction

Mike Graham checks out something

Standing in line to pay up - like grocery stores

Check out counter