Port O'Conner One Fly, August 2011


Adam is throwing on the veggies as I was cooking the redfish I caught Friday

Here are the vultures waiting upstairsr. for supper

Are You Kidding Me...That's What I'm Talking About!!!!!

Yes and it was very GOOD TOO!

So the meal for Friday was skewered shrimp, blackened redfish, grilled veggies, fresh bread and chips and of course ICE COLD BEER!

Chow time

The next night John Purcell cooked up his famous POC Paella Dinner for all to enjoy

We all stayed close cause the smell was so good

Here is John adding some of the goodies

John You Are The MAN Brother!

Now Klinger had his share and shortly there after - "BOOM BOOM OUT GOES THE LIGHTS"



Ray's Report on Activities

Left out of Froggies around 6:30 am ,with Ed and Steve riding shotgun. Frist stop we bail out along the ITC waterway. I looked to my left and seen about a half doz. tails waving at me and flipped my clouser in amongst 'em "BAM" fish on. Turned out to be a 21" black drum, dam near pulled me across the channel. Soon we're surrounded 'em, but sadly no more takers.

Twenty minutes later were running east, next stop is shore line of W Mata. So we're like right in the middle of about 3 acres of hugry reds with the tides ripping out. So heres the drill ,you see a big red flash or wake, drop a clouser on top of him (or in front of him ) and BAM fish on. Apparently everything out there wanted to eat my chart/pink clouser as it proved difficult to keep the small trout off my clouser long enough (lets say it again ,all together now BAM!!) for another 20" red ta eat it. Seem like everytime time I looked over at Steve or Ed they were bowed up with something pulling 'em around, I witnessed Steve pull in three large reds ta hand, and Ed battled several large sheephead (GO FIGURE THAT??).

After about three hours the tides went slack along with the fish, so we're running west again towards the old Armyhole and Pringle, we bail on the s. shore line of P, it was a tough grind with slack tides and lots a floating grass to deal with. So an hour later we're heading back to the ITC where we had started out in the morning. So we're fishing the grass beds and sand bars about a quarter to 3:00pm, I called Mike and found out we had another hour ta fish. Again the afternoon was a grind. Ok, come on say with me (BAM!!) fish on, I connected with another decent trout as I was attemping to bring 'em ta hand, several very large trout were following him in all the way to the net, WOW.

Want ta say what a zoo of chaos and looney tune characters at the public boat ramp, I was cut off by a large offshore boat while trying to load up my boat (they rammed there boat into the concrete dock and Mike said they also broke a few fishing rods )

The final tally:

  • steve 22"redfish ,19"redfish,16"redfish,16 ladyfish= 73"
  • ED 14"sheephead ,15"sheephead,17"redfish = 46"
  • me Ray 21" black drum ,20"red,20"red,12"trout20"red,121/2"trout,12"trout ,12trout 12trout ,4"Jack ,4"jack = 149.1/2"s all fish were measured .,verified and photographed.

10_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

11_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

12_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

13_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

14_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

16_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

17_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

18_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

19_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

20_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

21_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

22_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

23_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

24_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

25_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

26_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

27_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

28_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

29_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

2_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

30_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

31_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

32_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

33_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

34_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

35_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

36_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

38_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

39_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

3_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

40_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

41_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

42_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

43_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

44_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

45_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

46_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

47_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

48_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

49_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

4_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

50_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

51_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

52_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

5_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

6_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

7_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

8_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

9_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

37_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1

15_POC--Ray-1-Fly_2011-08-31_ 1