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What's new as of April 20, 2014 - issue #352

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Updated, April 12, 2014

Devils River Adventure

Four TFF’ers make it out in one piece.

Matt Blyth, Travis Rock, Don “Puck” Puckett, and George Sutherland spend three days in a remote corner of some of the most rugged terrain Texas has to offer – and catch some really nice fish!

Click here for George’s account of the story…

posted 5 April 2014

TFF member Raymond Lindeen recently returned from a trip to Israel. While there the bus driver talked Raymond into giving him his cap and the TFF pin that was on it. Our club logo is now driving a bus...

Posted, March 28, 2014

Posted, March 24, 2014

Posted, April 13, 2014

Posted, November 01, 2013

George Sutherlands cut throat

Club Stuff

Pay your dues with PayPal

Membership dues for Texas FlyFishers cover the Club fiscal year - from 01 July through 30 June - so if you haven't already done so it is time to renew. Our dues have been unchanged for the last fifteen years and this year we have added a PayPal membership dues payment option for those of you that prefer the convenience of electronic payment. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature and can pay with your credit card. Using PayPal means that the club website does not have access to any of your billing information. If you are not comfortable with electronic payment systems please use the conventional SnailMail option. See the Membership page for more details.

Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held at the Bayland Community Center in Bayland Park on the last Tuesday of the month starting around 6:30 and over by 9. The Harris County District 3 Bayland Park Community Center is located at 6400 Bissonnet Street, Houston, Texas 77074. The phone number at the center is (713) 2081-9951. To find the community center within the park download and print this Bayland Park map. For directions, go to this Interactive Map and Directions site.

posted 17 July 2008

Executive Committee Meeting at Luling Meat Market - The second Tuesday after the monthly meeting, starting at 6:30 (LMM is near the northeast corner of Loop 610 and Richmond Blvd about a block toward downtown facing Richmond on the north side.)

The membership is encouraged to attend.

This meeting sometimes floats to accommodate work schedules. Check with a committee member before attending.

posted 11 August 2011

You can buy Official Texas FlyFisher shirts at The Store

posted 20 August 2011

Other Stuff

An interactive map of places members of the Texas FlyFishers have fished.

Link to TFF Fishing Map

If you have a place you have fished and would like to share it with the membership, please feel free to do so. Please note: This is a location and accessability map, not fishing reports. Reports go elsewhere in the forums.

If a location already exist, do not add another. ie Back to reports in the forum.

Instructions on how to enter your new locatin should be on the left hand column. If you have problems please contact Me the administrator and I will try to find out what is wrong. Please be as detailed as possible, I'm not a mind reader.

Texas River Guide from TPandWDTexas River Access

"There are 3,700 named streams and 15 major rivers that meander through 191,000 miles of Texas landscape. These vastly important aquatic ecosystems play a major role in protecting water quality, preventing erosion, and providing nutrients and habitat for fish and wildlife. Along the way, water that eventually flows into seven major estuaries, supports over 212 reservoirs, countless riparian habitats, wetlands, and terrestrial areas. Each year Texas rivers and streams provide recreational opportunities to millions of Texans and visitors from all over the world.
The Texas River Guide provides river enthusiasts with an ever growing source for internet based information related to Texas Rivers. However, rivers are a natural resource that can be dangerous. When planning to recreate on rivers your individual skill level or the skill level of the least experienced person in your river party should dictate the level of river activities you should participate in."
The guide provides information on access to the rivers in Texas but it is not yet complete. Check it out at Texas River Guide .

Attendance: March, 79

Tues Tie Flyers

Tues Nite Tie Flyers

April 2014 Meeting

Our speaker for April 2014 will be fly fishing guide Alvin Dedeaux. Alvin is one of the most experienced guides in Central Texas with over twenty years of Texas hill country fly fishing experience.

Alvin's primary topic will be fly fishing the lower Colorado River south of Austin. In that regard, the Colorado River is described on Alvin's web site as follows:

"The Colorado River below Austin offers some of the best bass fishing in the central Texas area. Bass in the Colorado River below Austin will be larger on average than most other hill country rivers. There is always a possibility to catch a 5 plus pound bass on the Colorado. Just this year we have seen a handful over 7 pounds. The Colorado River is the best place to catch a large Guadalupe Bass as well. We have seen quite a few over 3 pounds and the next state record will most likely be caught in the Colorado River.

In addition to the bass the Colorado River is home to several other species that will take a fly. Sunfish are great light tackle fun. Catfish in The Colorado River will take a subsurface fly and they can be one of the hardest fighting fish in the river. Gasper goo or freshwater drum have been caught up to 15 pounds on a fly in the Colorado River. Several different species of gar can also be targeted in the Colorado."

So, if your are interested in learning about a fly fishing destination close to home, the Colorado River, if you are interested in watching some fine fly tyers before the meeting; or, if you just want to visit and mingle with others interested in the sport of fly fishing, come on by, you are welcome and we would be glad to have you.

About the Club

The socail scene before the meeting begins.

The social scene before the meeting begins.

A Houston based non-profit organization associated with the Federation of Fly Fishers and dedicated to the promotion of fly fishing education, conservation, and outdoors ethics.

The Texas FlyFishers of Houston was founded in 1976 by a group of avid fly fishermen. Their objectives then, as ours are now, were to share their knowledge of fly fishing with one another and others who wanted to learn, to help in conserving our natural resources, to enjoy the camaraderie of fly fishing, and to have a good time doing it.

We have an active club with a full range of activities. There is something for everyone, from beginner to expert, from the very young to those who remember when all fly rods were made of cane, and for all skill levels, from those who haven't yet held a fly rod to those who can cast more fly line than you can buy.

Texas FlyFishers

Attendance varies between 50 and 70 each month.

Outing and Other Reports

Mini Exoi - 2013

posted 28 August. 2013

Dr. Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival - 2013

posted 10 Oct. 2013

Jerry Brown Tarpon

Jerry Brown's Oct. Costa Rica Tarpon

posted 24 Oct. 2012

Harry  white oak bayou
Gathering at White Oak Bayou and Ponds - June 30, 2012"

posted 02 July 2012

creekside logo
Creekside Hunting and Fishing Show

posted 29 June 2012

Tuesday Night Telling Lies and Tying Flies Get Together

DL's fly box
2nd and 3rd Tuesday Nights.

posted 21 June 2012

South Llano River - June 2012

Puck took pics.

posted 16 June 2012

Sunfish Spectactular

BIG 'gil
Rumor has it there was a 10 1/2 inch 'gil caught. Is this it?

posted 29 April 2012

Bridgeland Nature Fest

Texas FlyFishers at Bridgeland Nature Fest

posted 29 April 2012

David's early April, six jump "snag" from the Chama River below Abiquiu Dam about 8 miles from Abiquiu New Mexico.

Lemke and his 'snag'

Annual Fund Raising Auction

Shot of the live auction.

live auction

One of the tables in the silent auction.

silent auction

posted 16 April 2012

March Bayou Bash

White Oak Bayou

Catch of the Day - Jim Richards

Jim Richards and the catch of the day.

posted 17 March 2012

Guadalupe One Fly

Yellow May Fly

They went.
They saw.
They captured.

Isn't that suppose to be a river full of rainbows?

Whats this doing here?

Yellow May Fly