Past President’s Page - Jerry Loring - 2004 to 2008

Welcome to the Texas FlyFishers. TFF, as we call our club, has been active since the summer of 1976. That’s when Brooks Boulin, owner of the Anglers Edge fly store in Houston, organized and started the club. Brooks wanted to form an organization where fly fishers could meet and share experiences and ideas. His efforts were very successful. Brooks has retired to Georgetown. His store is now owned by Mike Wilson and is called the ‘I Fly the Anglers Edge”.

TFF currently has around 250 members. When I joined in 1989, the club was populated by mostly professional types, who fished many “high country” locations in the Rocky Mountains and other famous rivers. Many of our members were well known in fly fishing circles and their reputations traveled far and wide. Once I was fishing on the Fire Hole River in Montana wearing a TFF hat. A gentleman from the east coast tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I would give his regards to Dr. Ed Rizolo.

Back then, saltwater fly fishing was relatively new along the Texas Coast, but by no means was I a trailblazer in that regard. The attraction of fly fishing to me was the challenge of stalking and making the proper presentation to a redfish on the shallow Texas flats. As a kid, my Uncle J.B. introduced me to fishing on Catfish Creek in Anderson County, TX. As teenagers, my Dad always allowed us to tag along to the coast to fish Chocolate Bay or the Freeport jetties. To me, fishing was always enjoyable. Fly fishing provided a new “angle” to the sport

About our club, TFF is a non-profit organization, devoted to the promotion of fly fishing as a sport and offers, basically free, classes on casting, fly-tying, and fly fishing. We believe conservation of our fisheries can be achieved through a program of sensible “catch & release” and keeping our rivers and bays clean.

The Executive Committee manages all club affairs and is made up of four office positions and a dozen or so committees chairs. We are all volunteers and perform service work for TFF on our own time. If you are interested in participating in the management of the Texas FlyFishers, please step forward and introduce yourself to us. There is always some activity to enjoy.

Jerry Loring President, Texas Fly Fishers