Matt Blyth

I am Matt Blyth and I am currently the Texas Fly Fisher's Conservation Chair. I am originally from the UK and I started fishing in my teens, catching species such as carp, tench, barbel, pike and roach from the lakes, rivers, canals and ponds around my home town in north west England. This was all bait fishing and I didnt start flyfishing until I moved to Canada (by way of South Louisiana) in 2003 for work.

I was living in Nova Scotia and was faced with an area that seemed to have more water than land, most of which contained brook trout and a few atlantic salmon. The English fishing scene and the American one couldnt be more different however I found that the ethics and ethos of fly fishing stateside fitted much more closely to what I had grown up with than say the bass fishing scene did. Once I got the hang of fly fishing and I started exploring the cold, trout streams of Nova Scotia I caught a serious dose of the fly fishing bug. My thoughts turned to trout and cold mountain waters and all the new gear I now apparently needed! Whilst I am still happy to fish with any kinds of gear for any kind of fish, if I can use a fly, now I will, as it is by far the most fun and challenging way to fish. I have been lucky enough to fly fish in places as diverse as Colorado, Montana, England, Canada, Slovenia, Utah, Mexico, Alaska, the Florida Keys and the Texas coast, but the list of places I want to cast a fly gets longer every year.

Living in Houston access to cold water fisheries is not exactly easy however the saltwater fishing on Texas Coast is amazing, and stalking redfish in shallow clear flats is fantastic experience. I have attempted to learn to tie properly but time and other commitments have put this on a back burner for now - such as teaching my three boys how to fish!

As the Conservation Chair I help the club to stay involved in fishing related conservation issues at the local and national level....and if you see somone with a fly rod skulking around the carp filled bayous of central might be me! Old habits die hard.

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Matt Matt Matt Matt