Membership Applications

Membership dues for Texas FlyFishers cover the Club fiscal year - from 01 July through 30 June. Our dues have been unchanged for the last fifteen years and are:

  • Indivdual Member       $24.00
  • Family Membership    $32.00
  • Student Membership   $16.00

    New members that join after the first of August can prorate their payment for the number of months between the month they join and the end of June, inclusive. As an example of a new member joining in September: September through and including June is 10 months, therefore an individual membership would be 10/12*$24.00 = $20.00 .

    This year we have added a PayPal payment option for those of you that prefer the convenience of electronic payment. You do not need a PayPal account to use this feature and can pay with your credit card. Using PayPal means that the club website does not have access to any of your billing information. If you are not comfortable with electronic payment systems please use the conventional SnailMail option.


    Renewals Use this form for Renewals. Please indicate your FFF membership status. Remember to save the receipt for your records.

    New Members Use this form for New Memberships. Please indicate your FFF membership status. Remember to prorate your dues and save the receipt for your records.


    Based on requests from members we have added PayPal as an option for renewing your membership and paying your dues. To keep our membership records up to date please remember to provide your updated contact information on the PayPal payment page.

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    Updated 10 September 2012

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