Mike Graham

From the time I was a kid growing up in San Antonio, Texas I can remember going down to the local creeks to play and fish. I caught my first bass with my Dad up on Lake McQueeney using a cane pole (precursor to a fly rod Right). As a young boy of eleven, I learned my fishing techniques while watching Gadabout Gaddis, the Lone Star Sportsman, and of course Kurt Goudy. I would find myself sitting in Elroy's Fishing Hole in Universal City and listing to Elroy and his adventures for hours every Saturday while my father was at work out at Randolph Air Force base. I knew then that fishing was my outdoors sport of choice.

Bass crazed was a good way to describe me ... Canyon Lake, Lake Calaveras, Lake Braunig, the Guadalupe River, McQueeney, and all the small local creeks were where I cut my teeth. But I soon lost touch with the sport and really didn't return until the mid eighties. My older brother David had a place in Wimberley, Texas just off the Blanco River, now there was a place to get you excited about fishing again. The river back then was full of smallmouth, Guadalupe's, large-mouth, and every type of brim and catfish. Using his 17' old town canoe I got re-acquainted with the "fishing gods".

My younger brother Scott was a seasoned fly fishing guide sharing time on the Guadalupe River and down on the coast in Port O'Connor. I'd guess you could say fishing was in my family's blood. We met on the Guadalupe River one day and I managed a slug of trout using his fly rod. He said it was uncanny that I knew how to cast it so well and told me I needed to come down to the coast and give that a try.

Meeting in POC early one morning we jumped into his Maverick poling skiff, I caught a few wonderful redfish and trout and a huge jack and from that time freshwater fishing has taken a backseat. He introduced me to the likes of Jim Daley, Eric Knipling, Curtis Cash, Dave Hayward and Marcos Enriguez all were die hard SALTIES and influenced my love for fishing. While at the Orvis store I picked up a Texas FlyFishers brochure and read about their meetings and attended one. From that day till now TFF is totally responsible for much of the knowledge I have gained and the many new friends I have made. Since then I have been lucky enough to catch several large tarpon (125 lbs.+), bull reds (40"+), and supersized speckled trout (32"+) all on the fly rod. "You kidding me, saltwater is where it is at!"

Now as the TFF Saltwater Outings Chairman it is my wish to expose others to the thrill of wading a pristine saltwater flat or standing on the bow of a poling skiff with fly rod in hand in quest of any of our salt water species. We have some really fun saltwater outings like the East Matagorda Prison Permit Round-Up, the Port O’Connor One Fly or the Redfish Rodeo that our members look forward to every year. We are always in search of new adventures and would like to extend our welcome to all new and experienced Flyfishers to join us down on the Coast!


Mike and a redfish

Prison Permit