Scoripion (beta) Brooks Bouldin

Brooks Bouldin Scoripin
      Hook: Salmon Hook - Sizes 4 to 8
      Thread: Black #140 Denier - Ultra thread
      Eyes: Painted Lead Eyes
      Tail: Rubber - Scarlet Red Grub tail
      Legs: Four Rubber Legs
      Collar: Black Palmered Feather
      Body: Dubbed Black Rabbit Fur
  1. Attach a set of bright red lead eyss
  2. Attach fly tail
  3. Tie on the black hackle
  4. Dub thread with rabbit fur
  5. Tie off hackle
  6. Tie on rubber legs
  7. Dub passed legs

Hurling Cadis Mark Marmon

      Hook: #18 Stud Hook
      Thread: Olive 8/0
      Eyes: Gun metal gray bead
      Tail: Black bear fibers
      Rib: Flash-a-boo
      Collor: Peacock Hurl - fairly heavy
    According to Mark the Flash A Boo wrap is for reflective and refractive purposes only.

Shaddie Clouser Troy Miller

      Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H hook, size 6 or preferably 8
      Thread: White
      Eyes: Black Lead, Heavy
      Tail: Neer Hair, White
      Wing: Neer Hair, White, Smoke Gray, or Chartreuse; Wing'n Flash, Ice Blue or Pearl; Neer Hair

Black Sculpin Don C. Puckett

  1. Mustad 3407 size 4-8:
  2. Black size "A" rod wrap thread:
  3. Black 6/0 tying thread:
  4. Lead eyes 1/40th oz:
  5. Black and white fingernail polish:
  6. Black hen hackle:
  7. Black mink zonker strips, or black rabbit zonker strips:
  1. First tie Wrap the dumbbells onto the hook about 1/3-1/2 way down the shaft. Then paint. I use white fingernail polish, followed by a black pupil. After these are dry I paint the whole thing with clear and let dry for a day or so. I tie in batches of 6 so I always seem to have the base ready to go.

  2. Place two black hen hackles against the shaft, one on each side and tie down. Go ahead and clip these.

  3. .
  4. Palmering Place the next two hen hackles against the shaft and tie down. Don't clip these. You'll use these to palmer the shaft. Run the thread to the head and half-hitch. Now palmer the hen hackles up to the thread at the head. This will fill the body. Tie in and cut off. This is a good time for a spot of glue. Only a touch is required at this point.
  5. Turn the fly over to show point up. Run the thread back to the bend of the hook and get the zonker strip ready.
  6. zonker tail Tie in the zonker strip at the rear and half hitch a few times. A spot of glue here is also a good idea. I usually turn the fly back over to touch the glue from the "bottom" Then run the thread back to the eye, taking care not to trap the palmered hackle with the thread. Now that the thread and zonker strip are in place tie both off at the eye.
  7. Clip the zonker strip off and cleanly wrap the eye. Another spot of glue finishes the fly.