Harry Crofton, CCI

Old Design

When I first became active in the Texas FlyFishers I didn't know much about web design or layout but I did know that our old website with the black background was something that could be improved. With an improved layout genreating more interest, our website could be a positive tool for communication and for carrying our educational objectives to the community.

With a little help from a couple of books I taught myself rudementary XHTML and then started to figure out design and layout. After a number of web serches I settled on a three column layout that is based on the work of Mani Sheriar, Design@ManiSheriar.com. I then got caught up in the liquid column design that Mathew Levine discussed in this January 30, 2006 article In Search of the Holy Grail. And it doesn't hurt to have access to the ideas and input of Dave Kelly.

Now that you understand the skillsets that underpin your club's webpages please do not hesitate to offer suggestions for improvement. I can be reached via hcrofton@goodloops.com.

Now my background - Involved in fly fishing and tying since taking introductory courses at Jones Tackle in Brisbane Australia over twelve years ago, I am a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor. I provide personalized group and individual casting instruction and have assisted with classes at Bass Pro. In addition to being Treasurer I stay busy as the Freshwater Outings Chair, the Website Design and Content Editor, and assisting with the club casting program. This year I was the Program Co-Chair for the FFF Gulf Coast Council Expo in Lake Charles.

I like to fish and have had a lot of great opporutnities because of work and friends. I have fished chalk streams in England, isolated tarns in Wales, small mountain streams for ‘thousands of brothers’ in the Norwegian Telemark, the spectacular Grenlæker in South-Central Iceland for giant artic char, remote lakes in the Orkneys for browns, the Danish ‘sea trout Eldorado’ coastline of Funen, the Irish Bandon for sea trout, the central north island region in New Zealand, the Australian Blue Mountains, Queensland’s unending coastline, and remote streams near Batumi, Georgia but I still look for every opportunity to cast a Miss Prissy for ‘guads’ on the Llano in central Texas.

Questions? Contact me by phone at 832.755.6857 or use my e-mail address - hcrofton@goodloops.com


Guadalupe Trout
Devils River Smallmouth
Llano Bass

Certified Casting Instructor


I also Chair the Freshwater Outings so look for the latest Freshwater Outings Calendar on the home page.

Laxo Brown
Rio Grande Perch
Seven Lakes Bass